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The Feather-raising Tale of LP

Based on true events

LP ( Lone Pigeon ) had quite a scare the other day. A few days later, I asked him to return to his feeding ground, but he refused, declaring that the seed there was not worth another such fright. “ My heart almost stopped its beating that very moment,” was his statement after recalling the incidence. So, if a squirrel has not already chattered the tale to you,or if you have not heard the magpie gossip, here is the event which cost LP a few feathers.

The memorable occasion occurred on a heat-saturated, sun-blistered afternoon when the trees were silent and still, and not even a blade of grass dared to sway. It was at this most fateful moment that LP decided in his bird brain to visit a certain feedlot which he had discovered some months before. “ So quiet,” he mused as he journeyed by air to his destination, “ So peaceful, so safe.” How quiet, peaceful and safe LP would only find out too well. “ So quiet, so peaceful, so safe,” he repeated again and again while on wing, for there was nought to occupy his pigeon mind at the time  other then the thought of predators. 

Finally, he caught sight of his favourite feeding ground, and with a graceful flutter of wings, landed neatly upon the lattice alongside it. “ So quiet, so peaceful, so safe,” he cooed absentmindedly as he scanned the area before him for any sign of friend or foe. “So quiet, so peaceful, so sa-” Then the occurrence occurred. A furry red  something barged headlong into his tail like a flying cannonball. Up burst LP in a flurry of feathers and fright. The red something too dashed back in stupendous alarm, uncertain as to what it had  hit. It turned and looked back at the scene of the collision, its creamy chest heaving up and  down, up and down and its velvety nose twitching here and there, here and there. There was nothing to be seen. Then it spotted poor LP,  wide-eyed, perched upon the roof of a nearby shed.

“ Oh, so that is what it was,” thought the little red something. And whom, pray tell, was that little red something? None other than Samantha the squirrel.

Our familiar American Red Squirrel can be seen in parks, tree-lined streets, woods and treed gardens. This feisty squirrel, after breeding, may have up to six young. These new additions to the squirrel kingdom are  blind, helpless little creatures that become independent through their mother’s  teachings. The American Red Squirrel is a also speedy rodent as well as an abundant one and is capable of covering 75 feet in 8 seconds on flat ground.

A common sight in cities and towns, this pigeon can vary greatly in coloration due to interbreeding. Their original colours were greyish-blue and pale grey with green and violet iridescence on the neck. Now they are-well, you can see for yourself their many hues. These pigeons have an amusing dance of dominance in which they puff up their neck, spin around, and if needs be, chase after the intruder, all the while pumping their neck back and forth.These tough but shy birds can maintain flight for an impressive thirteen hours without rest. They are a fascinating bird to observe.

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