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Stilts, Part 4

Based on true events

As similar as a bug and an insect might seem,they are actually two different kinds of creatures. For one thing, a bug has an X pattern on its back made by its folded wings which is absent in insects. Most insects are also missing the piercing mouth-parts of bugs through which they feed. But a bug’s mouth has nothing to do with this bug’s tale so I will say no more on that subject. 

This tale is about a certain bug, and his decisions and indecisions. He was a very common place    little crawler with a light triangle marking on the lower end of his shell, who’s tip reached up like a mountain and touched the point of a dark triangle which hung down like  a stalactite . He was simply roaming  along his way with his antennae going twitch twitch, and his legs going scamper scamper when suddenly he came upon a spider strand stuck right in the middle of his path. “ No matter,” thought he and promptly scrambled over it. It had no spider-glue  because it was only an attachment for the clingy main web and was therefore not a worry to the tiny bug. With that barricade now behind him, the bug continued on his way, a happy-go-lucky little fellow, until he came upon yet another strand, and another and another. So he crawled over the first, then the second but halted in his tracks before the third. It was beginning to be quite evident to his microscopic mind that he was nearing a spider’s web, and by all goodness!he did not want to go there. So, without hesitation, the bug turned and began to retrace his scuttling steps, over and under and around the filaments, going steadily on until he had passed the last spider rope. But then he did something quite unexpected: he stopped,  and  turned. Was he to brave the spider web, and continue his journey, or was he to avoid it, and come a different way to his destination? No, he would not risk the web! Thus he spun around and took a few steps away. But then he changed his mind once more and took a few steps towards the sticky trap. Then again he turned away from it, then towards it, his mind flip-flopping like a pancake on the stove, until finally his decision was wrought in iron, and he  faced his antennae away from danger and doom, rushed forward and disappeared  from view.

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