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A Memory

Based on true events

There is a field of light somewhere in this world where the flowers are but jewels in the glowing grasses. It is like a memory, sweet, yet distant and faded as if a slight mist hung over it. I do not know where this serene plain is, so I can not direct you to its loveliness, but yet I may tell you this: I was there once, and beheld in that tranquility, among the luminous rippling grasses, a beauty which man cannot create.

I at first only heard an echo of laughter, not human laughter, but somehow different. Then I beheld two small forms in the distance, hazy in this serene land, tumbling about in the forbs and flowers. All was as quiet as a breeze, all but their merriment remained silent. Another figure then approached, slightly larger, with fur alike to theirs, fur black marked with pure white like snow in the dark. The two young ones halted their game at her coming  and greeted her joyfully, and as they came near to her, the vision faded, and only an empty solitude remained, still and sad. Yet their laughter could still be heard, echoing, echoing, echoing...

I used to think that this mammal was a mustelid ( weasels, badgers, otters, etc.) but I found that I was quite wrong. It is actually in a group devoted completely to other skunk species and their stinky relatives. The cubs of the Striped Skunk leave their den to follow their mother into the great wide world in the spring, and remain with their mother for more than a year. These creatures are solitary, but may congregate during the winter.

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