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Tony and Toby

Not based on true events

There were two twins in the Twin family, one named Tony and the other Toby. And there were two geniuses in that self-same family. They, of course, were Mr. Twin and Mrs. Twin. Mr. Twin was a geologist of great renown and there was nothing he liked better than to pick away at a conglomeration of gold which was to be found in a dry stream bank near their home. But, I am afraid that when the back of this genius was turned, one of the twins transformed into a naughty genius himself. This twin was Tony, and beholding the sack of precious metals slumped behind his father’s turned back, took his chance and dashed from his hiding place behind the vegetation. Without a second thought, he snatched the bag and ran off with a victorious hoot and holler. This, unfortunately, Mr. Twin did not hear. And so, when he was preparing to stash a newly-found golden flake, he turned and discovered to his astonishment that the rest of his hoard was no where to be seen. First he stared, then he scratched his scalp, and then he began to suspect. In the meanwhile, Toby, who had been playing nearby and had witnessed the whole of the event, began not to suspect but to formulate plan. Then, with noiseless steps, he began to pursue his brother through the twisted woodlet. Tony, though, suspected no spy, nor sneak. No, he had been a genius, and had conquered and had taken as booty that rare gold. He was rich, yes, rich! And nothing could stop him. But something did stop him, for, as he came into a miniature glade, he heard an irresistible sound. It was a sound heard in many homes, but not in his, and he yearned for it with a towering passion. It was an unmistakable, clear, undeniable “meow.” Tony immediately halted in his tracks, and spun about in search of the creator of the sound, but found none. Then he called for the kitty,  but nothing and no one came to him. There was another meow, more pitiful than the other, beckoning him. The sound of it was entrancing, and Tony completely lost his head under its strong spell. And this was exactly what Toby had intended as he looked on in silence, shielded from view by a nearby tree trunk. Toby, desperate for a glimpse of the puss, dropped his bag with a dull thud upon the ground, and ran in circles about it, all the while calling, meowing, and mewing in the most idiotic manner for that mysterious cat. This was unbearable for Toby. “ Why doesn’t he just leave? Why doesn’t he  just leave?” He thought as he beheld the strange spectacle. Finally, after about ten laps, Tony heard the “meow” resound from far away, and without hesitation, or another lap, Tony rushed forward, crying out hysterically for the feline, sweat dripping from him in showers, and disappeared into the bushes. For a time, Toby watched and waited in case of  his brother’s returned, but that naughty brother did not return. His yells swiftly grew fainter and fainter all the while until they finally dissolved into the landscape. “ Now he is far away,” thought Toby and came out from his place of refuge, and taking up the bag, he slung it over his shoulder, and thought of how proud his father would be to behold it once more. “ It’s lucky that there’s Catbirds about,” he mused and smiled to think of Toby chasing after one of those feathered friends. So with that, Toby went off, a true genius if there ever was one. 


Gold, as most know, is a very precious mineral. It may be found either in the forms of flakes or nuggets, and is utilized in both gold coins and jewellery among other things. It is often found in the silt of streams where miners of olden days would pan in search of its particles. Pure gold is a deep yellow, and may be easily scratched by different tools. Depending upon other components with which it may be mixed, this mineral can be called White Gold, Purple Gold, Blue Gold or Green Gold. 

Gray Catbird
Dumetella carolinensis 

A skulker of bush and brier, the Gray Catbird is a relative of the Northern Mockingbird. The Gray Catbird can mimic other birds, but its own call is a cat-like “meow” or a kitten-like “mew.” It eats insects and fruit, depending on the season, and it is a native of Saskatchewan. 

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