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The Wolf That Never Was

Not based on true events

Once upon a time, as all stories truly begin, in the most northerly part of our beloved Saskatchewan, there was a reunion of grandfather and grandchild. There, in a stately cabin of humble logs, the building small in size yet large in heart, the grandfather, Mike Turret, spoke of wondrous tales to his daughter’s child who’s name was Emelia Ester. But now, in the dimness of dusk and in the ruddy light of the nearby fire, Mr. Turret seemingly put a halt to his tellings and spoke no more. He turned his eyes to a window which was a little ways from his one side. There was a full moon beyond, sprinkling the darksome trees with its sparkle. Generously it did so, and even permitted a pinch to fall upon Emelia. There she knelt at his feet, and her hands were upon his knee and her splendid , innocent eyes begging for more. Eventually, Mr. Turret condescended to bestowed more. In accents as slow as the untouched lands beyond, his eyes yet drawn irresistibly to those lands, he began: “ There was once a wolf in the world, a great grey wolf with evil thoughts and sinful inclinations. A cougar took the life of its cub, and the wolf pursued it restlessly and took its life in vengeance. This wolf had once been caught in a trap, and escaped. But the next day, the trapper’s finest horse was found dead upon a sward. That was the doing of the wolf. It devoured birds in jealousy of their wings. It took calves and fawns just to give woe to the mothers; it howled at the moon to terrify travellers. All was done purposefully. Now, Emelia, my girl,” Here he turned to the child who’s eyes were like moons in her interest, “Do you know what kind of wolf it was?” “ No, Grandfather,” replied the child simply, “What type of wolf was it?” And Mr. Turret turned again to the view outside and said “ Child, that was the wolf that never was.” Then he murmured musefully in low tones “ No malice... No malice...” A glow and flash of eyes appeared in the distance, and a wail arose, as beautiful as it was wild it moaned in the air, and the night overshadowed the lonely house, to rise again only at dawn.

Grey Wolf
Canis lupus

The largest of the wild dogs, the Grey Wolf lives both in North American and northern Europe, Asia and Greenland. As is commonly known, they live in a pack and pack members do not only help in hunting, but also in the feeding and raising of the cubs. Their howl is a way to keep different packs from entering into each other’s territory, and each pack contains a dominant male and female which mate for life.

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