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Toads and Frogs

Not based on true events

Am I in any way a toad? Does the fact that I am a frog make me a toad? Does it make me a toad to take great mouthfuls, to have warty skin, to be almost 9 inches in length? Does it mean I am a selfish creature? Does it mean that I am lazy? Does it mean that I will not lift a finger in the aid of another? Perhaps it does when you are a Mrs. African Bullfrog, as I am, and abandon your children to all the numerous perils of the world, as I did. But one day, I found out that Mr. African Bullfrog was not as selfish and unheedful as I. Permit me to enumerate. I had made this discovery one day when I remained behind at the home pool where our children were, and beheld, through the dry grasses, my husband standing very near to its border. “Is he going to eat them?” thought I, “ Why bother watching things that could not move beyond a few inches? Fool! The pool is drying! You can not prevent that!” My husband perhaps could not, but he ingeniously discovered a way to preserve our tadpoles. It was only the next day that I discovered his labour-intensive device, and it was astonishing! There was the pool as dry as bone, but no dead tadpoles were within. For, as I beheld presently, there was a shallow trench that had been dug from it to a nearby pool of larger dimensions. And there was my husband and there ware the tadpoles, content in their new home. I am afraid that it was then that I thought of myself as a toad instead of a frog, and as selfish as can be. Well, perhaps, if they are mendable, I will mend my toady ways.

African Bullfrog
Pyxicephalus adspersus

This amphibian, the African Bullfrog, can grow up to 9 inches in length. Its diet is varied, consisting of insects, arthropods and other frogs. The male stands guard over the eggs when they are laid, and yes, he constructs escape-routes for the minnows when their pools begin to dry. This frog lives in the savanna where there might be less rain then what is needed for an amphibian. At such times, this frog digs itself into the ground and there remains until there is a sufficient waterfall. It lives in central and south America and is categorized as least concern on the threatened species list. In other words, it is plentiful in numbers.

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