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Not based on true events

Good dear little Elisa! She knew of the solace granted those who perform a deed well-done. She herself often experienced it when  she comforted a grieving schoolmate during the recess hour, when she folded her siblings’s clothes after they had thrown them in a chaotic pile on the floor, when she had  gone without a floor, when she had gone without a frivolous dress which she could have easily  bought and of which she had no need, in the thought that there were children near that very shop who had naught. It was then that she bestowed the money upon them and what did they bestow upon her? A piratic act in which she lost the remnants of her purse. But Elisa minded it not, though , only with people that she preformed these acts of generosity. Indeed not, for even to the smallest and repulsive creatures she showed kindness. In fact, this small girl had performed such an act last fall, the sunniest day before the great cold and frost. She had been seated upon her wiindowless front porch, dressed in all her pretty array of white satin and blue silk. Her mother was near beside her, reading from Robert Louis Stevenson’s “ A Child’s Garden of Verses” with her mellow sweet voice  while she was seated as prim as any matron upon a white chair of wood. Elisa listened to her voice , absorbing every lovely, pleasant and innocent word said, and the perfect cadence in which they were uttered. No misadventure could possibly occurr on such a luxuriant day, no misdeed,  and no nisdemeanor either. All children, all adults would be too overflowing with beautiful thoughts to be filled with ones of evil. But she was unfortunately wrong, for as she was seated there, an unpleasant voice trailed off into her ears. “ Oh, Matthew! You could not pick up a cat, let alone a rock!” it teased. Another voice, probably that of Matthew, replied in a huff of protest that yes, he could and would. And so he did, as Elisa imagined, for there was immediatly after a roar of boyish laughter. But it was checked by that of a girl: “ Wait? What is that, there, upon the underside?” “ It’s a snail, by George!” cried Peter who had been the teaser of Matthew, “ brush it off Matthew. Let’s have some fun!” 

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