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Tatiana Schatten

Stilts, Part 1

Not based on true events

It was a day of cloud and sun, sun and cloud, in the waving grasslands of Sudan. It was a day of the shadow races, and already the shade cast by the clouds rushed across the ground. Birds and beasts, full of life, roamed here and there, creating roads through the parched vegetation. Some led left, some led right, but these do not concern us. It is the straight trampled routes leading to the Chari river that we must follow. Soon, the creators of these ruts are in sight, and we see that two immense Black Rhinoceros’. It is a mother wading through grasses which reached to her bulging flanks and leading her obedient calf who trotted behind her.

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The Finch’s Revenge

Many months ago, at a time when seeds were ripe, and flowers opened in all their glory, there was an occurrence which angered all finch-kind. A shy, unobtrusive American Goldfinch was viciously intimidated by a Black-capped Chickadee, and the poor finch was forced to leave his meal and go hungry because the little ruffian.

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An Interview with a Sea Squirt

This week, I had the exhilarating experience of being in the company with a most illustrious member of the invertebrate phylum of Chordate. The fascinating personage I had the pleasure of meeting was a colourful and  unusual animal known commonly as the sea squirt. The name of this particular interviewee is Poly, and she was gracious enough to answer a few questions for this article. She presented to me a clear view of some of the wondrous characteristics of a sea squirt, as well  as presenting her rather high opinion of herself. But it is at the beginning of the conversation that I must start, and so I shall.

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The Feather-raising Tale of LP

Based on true events

LP ( Lone Pigeon ) had quite a scare the other day. A few days later, I asked him to return to his feeding ground, but he refused, declaring that the seed there was not worth another such fright. “ My heart almost stopped its beating that very moment,” was his statement after recalling the incidence. So, if a squirrel has not already chattered the tale to you,or if you have not heard the magpie gossip, here is the event which cost LP a few feathers.

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Lessons to Take, Habits to Break, Prt. 2

Based on true events

A few days had passed since I abandoned the lovely basket nest in which I had been raised. But I had another babyish urging to conquer. I, now equipped with a decent knowledge on the use of wings, followed my parents and siblings to where my first bird-buffet was to be. It was a crisp, beautiful patch of green grass which had been generously sprinkled with millet and other types of seed. Ravenously hungry, I began to eagerly to peck the millet up without much thought to my past. Then my mother, who was dining nearby, made the fateful move. She was lifting an especially large mouthful when I happened to look up from my feeding. The immature instinct insisted that I return to my past habits and I surrendered to their powerful assault. With an open bill I raised my head towards her, and fluttering my downy wings, I waited expectantly for the morsel. I must have looked very much like a dog begging from his master’s table. But Mother only looked at me as if pondering whether she should surrender the food or not. But she seemed to have decided against the act, for she only cocked her bright eye at me and continued to feed as if nothing had happened. To be completely honest, I must reveal that I was rather disappointed. Though there was plenty of seed all around me, ready for the taking, I wanted it from her maternal bill and not my own. I put my head to one side, then to the other. What could a puff of feathers like me do? Well, I’m afraid that there was nothing to do but to overcome my indolence and resort to using my own bill. What a puzzle I was! 

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