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I spent much of yesterday (November 6) digging out of a snowstorm.  Our driveway is fairly long and our parking area quite large, but I have never owned a snowblower. I proudly tell everyone I use a snow scoop and shovel because it’s good exercise, but it’s also because I’m cheap and have too many yard machines to store and look after already.

Yes,  winter is here again. At the time I write the weather forecasters--who are a lot better at predicting bad weather than good--predict no thawing weather for the next six days. It’s here to stay. Should be used to it, having seen it happen 80 times so far (didn’t take much note of the first two).

But I’m not ready. Seems I just took the insulation out of the basement window short weeks ago and yesterday I put it back in. (Dear wife tells me it really was short weeks ago I took it out, but only because I didn’t do it earlier when I should have, because…called me a nasty word here that I refuse to use in public, but it rhymes with deactivator.)

And out there under the snow on the lawn are 14 piles of leaves I raked up but hadn’t hauled away. (Deactivator-rhyming word again.)

So now I’m trying to cheer up a little by reminding myself of the things I like about winter:


  1. We curl.
  2. We  snowmobile.                                                                                                                                                  
  3. We cross-country ski. On rare occasions we find ourselves doing all 3 on the same day.
  4. We do a fair amount of pickin’, grinnin’, and singin’ at nearby venues: the Snowden Hotel, the care home, the church and anywhere else we can find  a more or less captive audience. We do that year-round but winter gives us a bit more time to practice, and we need the practice, believe me.
  5. And as for those leaves I didn’t dispose of and other outdoor chores that never got completed, well, the snow cover hides them very nicely and gives me a five or six month reprieve from worrying about them.
  6. We expect the pace of life to slow down in winter, leaving a bit more time for R and R. But expecting that to happen doesn’t mean it will. Somehow winter seems as full of appointments, commitments and other time consumers as any other season.


      It wasn’t always that way. When I was a kid on the farm in the years before snowploughing roads became common our semi-isolation meant that aside from school there was little to claim one’s time. We children played outside, of course, had snowball fights, built snow forts and tunnels, but there were no organized activities.There was plenty of time to relax, to read, to ponder, to dream great dreams. Was that a situation of sorry deprivation or did it have some lifelong benefits? I wonder.

      Of course winter was much longer then--eight or nine months or so I’m sure, and now it lasts more like five or six weeks. Yes, I know, most people think someone who calls a Saskatchewan winter short must be deranged. But that’s because most people are younger than I, and the younger you are the more slowly time moves. For me it races.


      So whenever anyone tells me (s)he wishes spring would get here faster I always disagree. I no longer wish any time away.  

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