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So I came across a UPI story about a pair of shoes that recently sold for $615,000 at an auction. They were worn by Michael Jackson during a game in 1985.

Now I do considerable research for this column,  for the occasional political/social pieces that I do and for responses to challenging emails and Facebook entries. I enjoy it but  the constant exposure to serious and sometimes troubling issues gets to be too much. So now and then as a break I have a look at some of the oddball incidents and offer my take on them. Here are a few examples.

LUIS ELIZANDO SAYS UFOs ARE REAL, not imaginary lights or illusions, and we have to take him seriously; he’s a former  Pentagon official, a high-ranking manager in the U.S. Department of Defence, who has studied the subject for years. Now I’ve personally known people who’ve seen what we call UFOs, my two sons on one occasion. And some years ago there were individuals who swore they were captured by aliens, brought up into their machines, poked, prodded and generally studied there before being returned to earth. I think most of us--including yours truly--would love to make up a list of people we’d like to see beamed up to a UFO--and never returned.      

AN 18-KARAT WHITE GOLD CORONAVIRUS MASK  fitted with  3600 black and white diamonds  and  N99 filters has been fashioned by an Israeli jeweller. The price tag: $1.5 million. To commemorate a fatal disease? Someone has too much money. 

A BALD EAGLE SAW WHAT HE THOUGHT was a bird, dived down and attacked it--but it was a motorized drone, which then fell into Lake Michigan. It has as yet not been found. For some reason I admired the eagle’s action, trying to keep uninvited technology out of his territory. Or trying to catch dinner.

95-YEAR-OLD CALIFORNIAN “BICYCLE BOB” METTAUR”  has reached his 100,000th mile of bicycling. He says he took up cycling as soon as he retired in the 1990s. Shouldn’t retiring be a time of relaxation? Not so for Bob, good for him.

CAKES THAT LOOK LIKE TOILET PAPER ROLLS are being turned out in a bakery in Helsinki, Finland.. The baker said he could see his business going downhill due to decreased spending as caronavirus virus spread, but his new TP cakes are selling like--well, you know. Good for him, but still, picturing a slice of that cake on my plate…?

WAFFLES COULD CONTAIN INSECT GREASE if the work of scientists in Belgium catches on.  They’ve been able to process Black soldier fly larvae in a way to extract “insect butter” that  can be used in waffles, cakes and cookies, and is more environmentally friendly than  dairy butter. Soon you’ll be able to have a choice of dessert: toilet paper roll cake or the kind made with insect  grease.

HUMAN BONES WERE FOUND IN A BOX that a 74-year-old woman was transporting at a Munich airport. The airport authorities allowed her to continue on with the bones, which were of her husband. He had been buried in Greece in 2008, but she was returning him to their native Armenia. Who said you can never go home again?   

KRAFT HAS COME UP WITH A NEW MAC AND CHEESE FLAVOUR: Pumpkin Spice. Just in time for Halloween I suppose. Sounds unholy to me, as bad as some of Esther’s  abominations: peanut butter on banana on toast? Yuk.

Well, wherever there are human beings there will always be unpredictable and seemingly very strange behaviour. And the world is a better place for it--we need variety.  And I needed a break from the serious.

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Wednesday September 22, 2021